Precious In His Sight

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How does God see you, "In Christ"? 

When you become a Christian, you are bought with a high price and you are an extremely valued part of God's family. Understanding how this change works in your life will help you be stronger and more victorious in your life on Earth.

Pastor Keith Moore of Faith Life Church in Branson, Missouri and Sarasota, Florida teaches this 9 Lesson series, "Precious In His Sight" that is part of our Foundations Course Collection.


Pastor Moore has given permission to re-share any of his teaching materials. (Not music - that is under a different system.) The ministry offers free downloads of all sermons and you can request CD and DVD copies from their "Word Supply." 

We would like you to send offerings directly to Moore Life Ministries or to the churches in Branson and Sarasota if you've been blessed by this teaching.  Our goal is to share things in a more organized way than what is being done currently and to enhance the ministry's operation. We'll be sharing all transcripts and translations with each ministry, so they can use them internally for additional projects and publications. 


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Eaglet's Nest - Learn, Analyze and Practice

Our goal for everyone helping is that you get more understanding of the Word of God and ways of the Holy Spirit. 
You may be coming in and just listening to the lessons and helping us discover questions someone brand new would have about the material. This will be very helpful when we make any parts that aren’t clear more understandable and for putting together a library of questions and answers. 
The other part of our work together is to encourage you to not just hear the information, but to make it a part of your life. We’ll also want to know about how the things your learn change your life and stories of ways that other people have been helped. 
We’ll be teaching you how to get the most out of listening to the lessons, how to examine them for clarity and accuracy and how to apply them to your personal life and ministry. 
The next phase is fledglings - where you are able to study and prove things out on your own. Getting ready to feed yourself and prove the information in the lessons. Will you be ready? Sooner than you think! 

Lesson 1 | Who Are You?

Lesson 01 - Precious In His Sight - "Who Are You?"

In Lesson 01 of the Series, "Precious In His Sight", Pastor Keith Moore teaches about your identity in Christ. Not only does God know you as an individual, by name, in detail, He grants you special positions and privileges because of your redemption in Christ.

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