HCQ Now!

The Truth About Using Hydroxychloroquine to treat and prevent the China virus! Proven to save lives!

This video has been heavily censored. 
Important note - HCQ is safe, effective and cheap. Dr Immanuel recommends a dose of one pill every two weeks to prevent infection. Pills are 10 cents to 15 cents each.
A full protocol of HCQ, Z-pac antibiotic and Zinc Sulfate for someone who is infected is less than $15. Taking the HCQ also gets rid of other chronic health issues and pathogens.

This WILL cost Big Pharma Billions.
This WILL stop the shutdowns and fear.

This WILL trigger investigations into people KNOWINGLY withholding information, blocking use of this drug and falsifying studies with the agenda of having more people DIE and to protect big pharmaceutical companies and universities and others enriched by keeping people sick.


PDF with links to many research studies on Hydroxychoroquine

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Full book PDF from Dr 
Judy Mivovits on the 'Plandemic'

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Documentary on the evil reasons behind this turmoil

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The REAL Reasons and Good News!

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