WYSIWYG 1 – 31 January | Read the Bible In One Year

Reading The Bible Every Day And Going Through It Once A Year Is A Goal For Many Christians

As a couple, we decided to read out loud together and discuss what speaks to our hearts and inspires us. We have friends and family all over the world and would be so glad if they could all share this time with us daily or just once in a while.

The format is 2 chapters in the Old Testament and 1 chapter in the New Testament every day. We decided to use the King James Version this year with a follow up with the Amplified Bible and some other translations when they add more value.

Each Episode Will Be Between 20 And 45 minutes

This is just how long it takes! But making God’s Word a priority in life is a powerful investment of that time.


  1. Honoring God and His Word every day is instructed in the Bible.
  2. Reading the Bible in blocks of verses creates context – a stronger perspective and understanding than you get reading a verse here and there.
  3. All of the Bible is a gift from God and important, but we are all tempted to skip over parts that we don’t understand, don’t like or find tedious and repetitive. Reading the Bible every day will overcome this bad habit.
  4. We pray over what we are reading and over everyone listening and watching. Prayers don’t have to be “live” to be highly effective!
  5. Faith comes from hearing the Bible! We could all use more faith.
  6. It’s fun – we almost always get inspired, excited and joyful when we think about and study the Bible together. As a couple it’s one of our favorite things to do!
  7. You can start anytime and re-start anytime! This format is numbered daily, so just pick it up on the next day if you get off the habit.


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