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We had a tech breakthrough in the translation team work flow this week, so we need to redo the training modules. 

Major acceleration and easier for people to help out!! This is why we're focused on posting more videos. We'll be working on 5 courses, so you can choose which one you need right now for perfect personal fine tuning and encouragement!

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We've decided for now that Gab is the most accessible platform. Please join the group and we will update you when things are 'live' mid-week. 

Keith Moore - God's Will To Heal

This post is also available in %s.

Can You Help Us Prepare Ministry Materials?

Legacy teachings are very important to the Body of Christ. Younger people and listeners who do not speak English may need help understanding some things. 
When you listen and take notes, not only will you build your own 'faith library' of verses and concepts, you will RETAIN much more information. 

We will ask questions from your notes on the verses shared, your familiarity with the material, did you hear any mistakes on words or verses, did you find any illustrations or phrases confusing, what practical importance do you feel like you got, how many times did you listen.