Clara Grace | The Army of the Lord

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“Sister Clara Grace saw a vision of the last days. She saw the church prone on the ground, weak. And then she saw, like a veil. And beyond the veil she could look through; It was on the other side of the veil, you know. She saw this weakened church here. And she saw heads from the other side of the veil pressing through. They were pressing through to resurrection. The Lord said they were ‘Just men made perfect who were pressing through to resurrection.’ Then she saw a group here on the ground, God’s mature saints. And they were passing behind the veil, and they didn’t die to go there. And they were getting the glory. She saw the glory from behind the veil. She saw the 2 groups from beyond the veil and this side of the veil amalgamate and make one. And they moved in a cloud of glory over that church. That church, it strengthen the feeble knees and the arms among them. And it stood up and stretched up itself and rose up to the glorious church.”- Billye Brim

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