Razing Racism

We hope you got more information from these videos that are helpful. Right now, there is an increase in violence and division that is enabled by misinformation

In Christ, there is no race and no racism. We are operating in a world though that insists we take sides and sometimes the consequences for our open or tacit endorsement are high. 

Looking at the facts and root causes of conflicts and unfairness or injustice is especially important when people are using misinformation to excuse violence, government overthrow, destruction and even death. 

Because of political agendas, these videos are hard to search for, may get removed or censored. We feel like they are well-sourced, thoughtful and truthful. 

We hate racism and injustice towards anyone. What has happened though, is groups like Black Lives Matter and the political news media, have lied about the circumstances and the frequency of police shooting unarmed black men and women.

They’ve also lied about things that have been done to bring justice and remove any law enforcement and imprisonment actions that are needlessly violent, illegal or reckless. 

A key influence in our thinking on this is a major prophecy from Brother Kenneth E Hagin in 1963. It predicted worsening racism that was merged with communism. This is what we are seeing now. 

To get the transcript and see other videos related to the Great Harvest and End Times - see FaithTrainers.com/3Prophets

Many churches are attempting to appease or justify the violent and deceptive groups that are protesting, rioting and calling for removing the rule of law. Fighting deception by sharing more lies and playing on people’s emotions is more than ineffective. 

We should be leading our own communities and nations in change and never joining in or endorsing people and groups that are against the family, against the church and for perversion and unrestricted abortion. 

The answer is not political, but we use political systems to restrain evil. 

The real answer that WILL conquer hate, envy, theft and violent mob rule is the church. When we are empowered from heaven and equipped with the truth, forgiveness and the good news that in Christ, we are all one family, we win the hearts and minds of the lost.

Following are more articles and videos that we think are helpful in looking at facts and trends. This page is under construction as we complete more curation.  Links are not underlined until you hover over them, so some statements are actually links to a source.  We put a button on each section header to come back up here so you don't get lost and wear out your thumb scrolling. 

Table of Contents:

Bible Standards and Prophetic Importance

The Race Lie - Pastor Keith Moore 

This video has foundational information and correction for the church on how to think, speak, set things up and act in the day to day to eliminate racism and division.

In John 14 and 15, Jesus gave His disciples His last instructions right before He went to the cross. Making sure they understood the love and relationship He had with them, what relationship they were to have with each other and how it should continue were the primary themes.

We are to love one another as He loved his disciples when here in person. We are to love one another as much as the Father loves the Son!

This is way beyond not being racist or unkind. It can ONLY be accomplished in clean hearts and with renewed minds that put God's Word as the standard, not any laws of man or social rules or even church structures.

Race Is A Modern Concept, Designed to Divide

Ethnic Gnosticism - Dr. Voddie Baucham 

Gnosticism is cited in the Bible as a divider and heresy. It means that a person believes that they personally, or their ‘special’ group has important knowledge that makes them superior to others.

Right now, it is being used by operatives attempting to bring marxism and one world government to the world to sow division between self defined races, genders, and victim groups to demand special treatment and power.

It has INFILTRATED many churches and will create strife, comparison and division, condemnation and guilt.

Some of the buzz words like ‘it’s a black thing’, ‘white privilege’, systemic racism, micro-aggressions and unconscious bias are tied to this false teaching. "Doing the work" and reading lists to help you become woke - also buzzing around.

I've heard church leaders who are finally seeing the rioting, destruction and death spinning up out of this say "I don't understand what kind of deep pain and life-long oppression that motivates these people to act out like this."

If it were an abusive husband lashing out and beating his wife and kids, would you excuse his rage and destruction? Some did and do... but we learned better and do better... right? Some things have zero tolerance --- murder, rioting, stealing, bullying and abuse - except now? Rubbish.

Cultural Marxism - Dr Voddie Baucham

Cultural Marxists use division points like ‘race’, gender, class, trans rights and diversity praising ‘intersectional’ groups. The short term goal is to make people defensive, hostile, clustered and isolated and focused on ‘injustice’ and division. The long term goal is to destroy Western culture and free governments. 

They advocate getting the general population disarmed, making all health care government run, so if you resist you can have it withheld, removing the police or curbing what they can do to a degree where chaos and lawlessness can absorb a few ’true believers’ and tear down the infrastructure and administration of organized government that can resist the takeover. 

Some of the buzz words like ‘it’s a black thing’, ‘white privilege’, systemic racism, micro-aggressions and unconscious bias are tied to this false teaching. Not everyone who believes in these things are marxists BUT they should still stop choosing a path and ideology that creates division. 

Sects, factions, cliques, secret societies and exclusions are forbidden by Christ and clearly condemned in the Bible. Ideas, words and exclusions matter. Accusations and mind reading are dangerous to family, church and societal peace and safety. 

Pastor Keith Moore - Self Pity and "I deserve it"

When there are major things like this in the Bible that are a WARNING for us, it is probably a very good idea to find out what Jesus was angry about and why. 

This is some very important teaching for this season. I think there have probably been some of you looking for this - if you ever heard it, there was an impact. 

This is a combination of two excerpts from the series "Thanksgiving Victory" by Pastor Keith Moore. 

Mastering gratitude and thankfulness enhances every area of life and accelerates faith victories. 

Indulging in self pity and entitlement and pride WILL put you in the devil's arena and keep you sad, angry and defeated. 

Enabling OTHER people to remain in unforgiveness and either leaving the victim mentality they came in with alone OR even worse... helping them boost it can put them in serious risk spiritually.

Nelson Mandela - Evita Bezuidenhout interview 1994

This is a very powerful interview from 1994 when Nelson Mandela went from 27 years in prison to the presidency of South Africa. Evita is a ‘fake news’ comedy act similar to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. President Mandela used this to help reach the nation. 

Some key elements of his strategy to unite South Africa:

Personal preparation and consecration. He did not spend 27 years in prison planning revenge, he prepared. 

He spent the early hours of the day walking and talking with the black South Africans and the later hours doing official business and connecting with the white South Africans, world leaders and government workers. 

The strong message of forgiveness and faith was essential to unifying this intensely and violently divided nation. It did not last, but it did set an example for the world of what is possible when people move beyond race and class and look for their common bonds of faith, family and fun. 

KBT NOTE: I believe the reasons his reforms did not last in South Africa are the following:

  1. He convinced people to forgive, and they did forgive sincerely, but the wounds and wrongs were deep and terrible. ONLY when people forgive with the empowement and help of Jesus Christ can they sustain forgiveness and freedom.
  2. The roots of marxism and communism and witchcraft were not rooted out by the church.

Racial Reconciliation - Dr Voddie Baucham

This is a very excellent talk from Dr. Voddie Baucham from a ministry conference in January of 2019. His understanding of the rise of ‘social justice’ in society and the false teachings of ethnic gnosticism and cultural marxism and intersectional groupings is the best we have heard. 

After his involvement in Promise Keepers, Dr Voddie shifted his circle of influence to include more white people. He said he didn’t know black pastors up all night and praying and weeping because their churches weren’t reaching the people in their neighborhood and too many people looked the same. 

He and his family experienced words and actions that many right now would see as unforgivably racist. Finding that almost every time, if he had more time and interaction with the white people who were ignorant of their mistakes. 

Being called a sell-out, house xxx, Uncle Tom and traitor by black people was also troubling to him and his children and wife. 

Should this be a struggle? Is it worth having the struggle and ALWAYS coming back to the Word of God, to the insistence of Jesus and the clear teachings of the Bible that there are no races or divisions for that in the body of Christ. Settled foundational doctrine has to be the benchmark and our rule of conduct, attitude and commitment to love. 

Ephesians 2 is explored in depth. Bottom line? Racial Reconciliation has been accomplished in Christ. 

No more Jew vs Gentile

No more preference in the promises and covenant with God. 

One human race. One family of God. 

No unforgivable sin or generational or unconscious sins - except for rejecting Jesus reconciling us all equally to God. 

BLM, Intersectionality and Anti-Racism

Black Lives Matter in US Schools - Michelle Malkin

Many parents aren't aware that cult like programming from this group is being introduced to children and teens in many schools unofficially by activist teachers and enabling administrators. Teachers have even taken classes to protests at young ages. Understanding the roots, goals and tactics of this group is important. This video is from a couple years ago, but it is very important to understand this now. Many schools are integrating BLM values and materials in their official curriculum as well as the 1619 Project. Michelle Malkin is a solid journalist that is heavily filtered due to her stances on immigration, education and conservative political values. Please visit her links for more books, reports and important interviews.

With and Without Approval, Schools Are Using BLM and 1619 Project Material Now!

Instead of waiting for approval and textbooks, teachers are on their own or with instruction from department heads printing out an using material provided by BLM and other organizations. 

81% of teachers support BLM and most will not hesitate to use this material - approved or not.

Link to article

"Public school teachers across the country are planning to add in more black history following a summer of protests and violence in the wake of the George Floyd incident.

As students prepare to return to classes, virtually and in-person, educators are increasingly demanding new teaching materials and the development of new curriculum aimed at providing black students with a better understanding of their ancestors’ American experiences, the Daily Mail reported Monday.

The new demands come following a June survey by the EdWeek Research Center which claimed that 81 percent of teachers who responded support the Black Lives Matter movement. "

Zoom background of Middle School teacher

The Cost of America’s Cultural Revolution by Heather Mac Donald

What we know, what we think we know, what gets taught in school, what gets studied, how it gets reported, are all corrupted by strict rules, hiring quotas, speech suppression, research suppression and information access. Designing these to be as subversive and deceptive and apparently virtuously intended ... to protect 'victims' and 'correct the wrongs of the past' is a danger to every freedom we have.
Heather MacDonald is one of the most clear thinking and thorough examiners in the very professionally and even physically dangerous field of intersectionality and racial bias.

Identity Politics and the Marxist Lie of White Privilege - Dr. Jordan Peterson 

Dr. Peterson examines the shift deliberately made by marxists to intensify the racial divisions between people in the West. There is so much relative prosperity in the lower classes that traditional poor versus rich classes wouldn't generate enough activism.  

Coleman Hughes - Race & Identity Politics | Exploring Minds w/ Michele Carroll

Coleman Hughes has a good balance of understanding the cultural mood and perception and the root causes and statistical realities that underly what we 'know'.

Has Anti-Racism Become A New Religion? - John McWhorter and Coleman Hughes

Black Lives Matter and the Anti-Racism movement are using NLP and specific languaging, body positioning, chanting and cult-like bullying and dehumanizing of any questioners.  

This was leaked from a United States Army diversity training 

Larry Elder - Uncle Tom documentary, BLM, George Floyd protests

Larry Elder speaks to Epoch Times about his new documentary, Uncle Tom. He also discusses Black Lives Matter, the George Floyd protests and the 1619 Project. See the movie at http://uncletom.com

If you are trying to efficiently 'do the work' and looking at both sides - this documentary referred to in the video is the most efficient way to at least open your awareness to a more fact based, historically accurate and proportional view of racism and racial injustice.

How Racist Is The United States?

396 Disproven Hate Crimes 

2/3 of Hate Crimes in the US are later proven to be hoaxes or something else. The news media, however, get immediate and copious outrage coverage and often make no retraction or a very minimal retraction.

This is an on-going database of cases. MOST people do not know that these incidents did not happen at all or were done by the 'victim'.

Fake Hate Crimes Database Site

Where Is The USA in the World's Most and Least Racially Tolerant Countries? 

This looks at economic opportunity and more pragmatic, day to day attitudes. Who would you like to be your neighbor, who would you not care whether or not they are your neighbor, who would you not want to be your neighbor? 

The Market For Victimhood - Ayann Hirsi Ali

Ayann purposely immigrated to the United States even after reaching a high level of education and career prestige in Europe. She felt it was the best place for her to have opportunity as a very dark skinned woman.  

Walter Williams: Suffer No Fools - Full Video

Walter Williams has been talking about this for a long time. He is one of the better sources for defining the issue, identifying the root causes and proposing solutions.

The Case Against Revolution - Ayann Hirsi Ali

Ayann purposely immigrated to the United States even after reaching a high level of education and career prestige in Europe. She felt it was the best place for her to have opportunity as a very dark skinned woman.  

Being A BLM Ally, Anti-Blackness and White Fragility 

"Doing the Work" - Churches are adopting many BLM (which is anti-family and marxist) catch phrases, ideals and demands for proving their diversity 

Statement and Suggested Reading List From Oregon Church

Seattle's Office of Civil Rights Had A MANDATORY 'White's Only Training"

These are documents documents from the city’s segregated “whites-only” trainings, which induct white employees into the cult of critical race theory.

The trainers require white employees to examine their “relationships with white supremacy, racism, and whiteness” and explain how their “[families] benefit economically from the system of white supremacy even as it directly and violently harms Black people.”

Under the banner of “antiracism,” Seattle’s Office of Civil Rights is now explicitly endorsing principles of segregationism, group-based guilt, and race essentialism—ugly concepts that should have been left behind a century ago. 

Christopher F Rufo -  LINK To His Article

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KBT Comments
There were some blank slides  - the original is on the linked article. 

Can you imagine if this were given to ANY other race?

Do you see the level of indoctrination and bullying in this training?

Hoaxes and Misinformation - Police Brutality

Racist Police Violence Reconsidered | John McWhorter  2017 - 2020 

The perception that the police regularly kill black people under circumstances in which white people would be merely disciplined is in fact a misperception.

Full article with video of the same thing happening to a white person as happened to George Floyd... that we're not going to post here. Racist Police Violence Reconsidered

Say Their Names - Know Their Story

There is a list of names that BLM makes people say and chant. Almost all of the media reports and descriptions of the people and what happened told by the activists leave out crucial information and the consequences the police DID get if they were in the wrong.

Is Black Lives Matter Right? Coleman Hughes

Is there an epidemic of police brutality in America? Do the police seek out black men to arrest and kill unfairly? Do the police 'get away with' excessive force and murder? 

Larry Elder - The Truth About the Central Park 5

A documentary and book “When the See Us” have been widely acclaimed and promoted telling the story of the Central Park 5. Larry Elder, in this interview, talks to the black detective who investigated this case and who has publicly objected to the fictionalization of what happened by the book author and documentary team. 

I have heard this documentary cited by a pastor in a Sunday morning sermon as an important influence on his ‘awakening’ to racial injustice in America. If things win awards and are on the Netflix, they must be true, right? Especially if they make you cry and feel bad.

This case has been extensively investigated AND the handling of the evidence and the boys who were accused were documented on video while they were in custody and being questioned. The dozens of hours of video can be viewed on YouTube as Larry Elder mentions. 

This is a link to and article by someone who did a very large investigation of the case in 2003, Michael F Armstrong. The documentary maker, Ms. Burns interviewed Mr Armstrong many hours but did not use any of his evidence citations or analysis because they refute the claims that the boys were picked up for no reason, mistreated in custody and couldn’t talk to their parents or legal counsel. 


Lies, and especially emotionally charged lies ARE NOT to be shared or endorsed by Christians and especially not by ministers of the gospel. 

Heather Mac Donald: What is the Ferguson Effect? Heather McDonald

The Ferguson Effect is the pull-back of police presence and action when they are afraid of physical harm on-site or retaliation from lawsuits or censure. It is well documented that murders and violent crime go up 15% or more, resulting in hundreds more victims and deaths in metro areas. 

Lies, and especially emotionally charged lies ARE NOT to be shared or endorsed by Christians and especially not by ministers of the gospel. 

How Can You Protest Without Knowing THIS? - Larry Elder

No evidence of disproportionately deadly force used against blacks - how can you not know that before going out and protesting? - Larry Elder

The War on Cops -  Heather McDonald

When people want a regime change or lawless, criminal elements gain control of an area, they want to eliminate the police from the area. The people who suffer the most are the poor, disabled and residents of high crime urban neighborhoods with strict gun control. 

Lies, and especially emotionally charged lies ARE NOT to be shared or endorsed by Christians and especially not by ministers of the gospel. 

Realities of Race and Policing - Brandom Tatum and Dave Rubin

Brandom Tatum is a retired police officer and devout Christian who tells the truth about what is happening. When the police do wrong, he exposes it. When they are falsely accused or the media reports the initial hoax story with limited retraction, he is good for looking into the public records and publicly available camera footage, reports and court documents. 

Hoaxes and Misinformation - "Say Their Names" BLM Heroes

Articles And Videos of the Individuals Most Given By BLM As Examples of Police Brutality and Nothing Being Done To Stop Bad Cops

Michael Brown - "Hands Up Don't Shoot" - The Ferguson Lie

The Odyssey Online - List of Say Their Names List

This is how this list is framed: "Police killed 1,099 people in 2019. Black people were 24% of those killed despite being only 13% of the population" https://mappingpoliceviolence.org/

They do not mention that of the 1099, 1088 of the black people shot were ARMED. 

Individual Cases in the 'Say Their Names' List and other often cited 'slain' BIPOC

BLM insists that you do not discuss the criminal record and current suspicious conduct or resistance to police of the ‘murder’ victim. They say this is ‘victim shaming’. 

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Hoaxes and Misinformation - Systemic Racism

Discrimination and disparities - Thomas Sowell - Dave Rubin

Glenn Loury is an economist looking at the root causes for income inequality in the United States.  Many people only factor in red lining and the impact of slavery and not current conditions and decisions.  

Hoaxes and Misinformation - income Inequality

Race In America | Phil Vischer 

This video has over a million views and is a favorite of the people who are just now realizing how upset the BLM people are. We've been paying attention to this for a very long time and this is undoubtedly made with kind intentions, but ending it with 'we have no solutions' is NOT ok. We are the church. We have solutions. Sinners sin. They hate, they steal, they destroy and they cheat each other and lie. They are racist and cruel. This isn't news.

PLEASE also Watch the video below by Coleman Hughes and the videos from Thomas Sowell and Greg Laury who are solution oriented and follow root cause thinking and not just assuming as Brother Phil does, that skin color and history from over a century ago explain the current conditions.

All of our lives have changed a LOT in the last 20 years and it is insulting to assume people of any color are not having more opportunity and choice. 

Coleman does  a better job explaining the 10 to 1 wealth gap - are there other factors besides red lining? Are there solutions that aren’t a transfer of cash that has already happened and had many destructive effects? 

Coleman Hughes | Racism & The Wealth Gap

Explaining the 10 to 1 wealth gap - are there other factors besides red lining? 

Are there solutions that aren’t a transfer of cash that has already happened and had many destructive effects? 

When Black Lives Matter: On the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America

Glenn Loury is an economist looking at the root causes for income inequality in the United States.  Many people only factor in red lining and the impact of slavery and not current conditions and decisions.  

7 Black Leaders on Racism in the 21st Century 

Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Larry Elder, Lil Wayne, Will Smith

Hoaxes and Misinformation - 1619 Project

The real history of slavery - Thomas Sowell

There is a lot of documented history that is overlooked, misinterpreted and twisted by the 1619 Project. Professor Thomas Sowell is one of the most knowledgable and reasoned experts.  

Historian: Woke Politics Destroying US History & Academia | Niall Ferguson

The first thing people looking to overthrow a good government or to commit genocide do is to dehumanize the undesired group. The next is to remove or rewrite history and eliminate any reasons to keep that group or the culture and government. There has been a targeted attack on reason, facts and historical accounts from the radical left that has infested our schools and government and media. This is the blackness seen spreading in destruction by Brother Hagin in 1963.   

Articles Exposing the Serious Errors and Agenda of the 1619 Project

The New York Times 1619 Project Distorts the History of Slavery 

"The 1619 Project Exposed: A Special Edition of the American Mind Podcast” - The New Black Legend and Multi-Culturalism

Hoaxes and Misinformation - Very Fine People, No Response to George Floyd's death, the Disabled Reporter

The Charlottesville Lie - Steve Cortes

Did Trump say Nazis were ‘very fine people’? 

Videos on major media were doctored and people to this day claim to know that he said this. The transcript and full video show that he fully and repeatedly denounced and disavowed nazis and white supremacists. 

This is another lie cited in a church broadcast by an ‘expert’ in racism.  

President Trump Mourns the Death of George Floyd and Condemns Violence - Pretty much immediately. Media says - he said nothing.

A church member on video claimed that President Trump never denounced the wrongful death of George Floyd and never did anything to help. He claimed it would have made a difference, but "Trump doesn’t care". This was followed by the ‘very fine people’ comment from another church member. 

At the time this happened there was a lot of volatility and lies like this are used by people to further justify angry mobs and violence. 

Trump responded very quickly on Twitter when Floyd was killed and immediately sent FBI and DOJ to make sure a full investigation would be watching over the crime scene and evidence. The Attorney General in Minnesota in charge is a high level DNC official and Muslim who hates Trump. It is very likely that he overcharged the police involved with charges that will never win with Mr Floyd being on drugs and being violent when they put him in the car and his previous violent history. His death was wrongful and there were and are immediate actions taken to punish the officers involved. There was immediate and universal condemnation of the event in America.

Trump Mocked the Disabled Reporter 

Finding out the truth about this has led thousands of people to look at how the media falsifies videos and changes the spin on what Trump says and does. 

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